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"Thank you!!! I've been making some changes with how I tweet so I'm glad it's making a difference."

 - Tisha L., TV Reporter, after 3 months

"It's easy to get sidetracked in the Social Media world, so having this constant voice in my ear that's keeping an eye on what I do is comforting. The information provided is top notch and the best individualized attention I've found anywhere.” 

 – Scott W., TV Anchor, after 5 months

"It's very helpful getting one or two actionable items a week that will help grow my follower base and increase my social media quality." 

 - Steve C., TV Anchor, after 5 months

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The Blueprint For Success

See the practices that work in your industry, then model your own social media to get similar results.  You get to pick the competitors we monitor.  

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What to expect from TheSocReports

Your content deserves the widest possible audience. Learn what it takes to attract the most influential fans and keep them engaged.  Do you know the people you follow is also important?

TheSocReports examines the type of messages that fill your timeline.  The idea is to play to your strengths, so that you become better known for what's unique about you. 

Get Better Engagement

You'll get a weekly recap of the interactive practices that are moving you ahead (and possibly holding you back).  Don't worry, the data is easy to understand. 

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