We believe social media isn't an art. It's science.

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TheSocReports is a social media growth tool for personal brands. (That's 'sosh' as in social.)

Monitor competitor activity

Benchmark your social performance against peers and competitors of your choice. Your custom analysis will uncover what techniques are working for others that you can model.

Get personalized tips

We're more than numbers. Learn the keys to social media growth and how to keep influential fans engaged. Do you know the people you follow is also important?

Discover the key social drivers

Receive weekly social media reports on the practices that are moving you ahead (and possibly holding you back). Don't worry, it's easy to understand, then act on.

Learn best content for your brand

We examine the type of messages you're posting and what topics get the most engagement. Play to your strengths and become better known for what's unique about you.

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It's all about your growth

The average subscriber sees an audience lift of 15% in the first 90 days. Each week you will receive comprehensive personal details such as your overall volume of posts, plus a breakdown of statistics like how you are using hashtags, your fan growth and subjects you’ve been sharing lately.

Everyone likes a little competition

Each weekly report you receive will show how your activity across social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter compares to the competitors and peers of your choosing!

For the first time, you'll know if you're winning - or what you can do to catch-up.

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We won’t leave you hangin’

We care about your success! You will receive tips and advice on what is bringing you success and what you could be doing better!

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When you see your Twitter followers bloom like a flower in late spring, you know it's working! Thanks TheSocReports for making this Facebook junkie more Twitter conscious!
Renetta dubose

Renetta DuBose

WJBF News Reporter

TheSocReports keeps me focused on goals and what I'm doing on a daily basis. It's easy to get sidetracked and off point in the Social Media world, so having this constant voice in my ear that's keeping an eye on what I do is comforting. The information provided is top notch and the best individualized attention I've found anywhere.
Scott walker

Scott Walker

WDSU Anchor

TheSocReports lets me track my growth. The rockin' advice and tips have helped me tremendously increase my following.
Daniel bergjans

Daniel Bergjans


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