About TheSocReports

What we do

Chicago-based KloboMedia created TheSocReports to help personal brands - people like real estate agents and television meteorologists - grow influence and gain followers by furnishing highly curated, easy-to-understand social data insights. Each week’s insights build upon the next, not just showing how well clients performed, but what they can do in the coming week to improve - a blend of data science and personal training.

How we're different

There are many social media counting services out there. Nearly all are social listening or publishing tools geared toward the big corporate brands, too expensive for the average professional. TheSocReports is unique in that it blends analytics and actionable advice for personal brands, whose professional growth relies on brand awareness, authority and reputation. Everything we present is in the context of your peers and industry.

Why it matters

In today's #SocialMedia heavy world, a strong social footprint can help you drive customer leads, salaries, promotions, speaking engagements and other contract terms. It's essential to any marketing plan. But there's a problem. Most professionals have no idea if their activity is making a difference. As we often hear, ‘what’s the ROI?’ Well, you can’t monetize what you don’t measure!

Meet the team


Christine Bergjans, Chief Executive Officer

Christine Bergjans supports the clients of TheSocReports through content analysis and data collection. She developed much of the methodology for categorizing social messaging that guides clients on the types of posts tied to strong engagement from their one-of-a-kind audience.

After graduating from the University of Missouri-Columbia, Christine coordinated e-commerce at the Chicago area’s leading fashion retailer, chalk, while at the same time assisting with product development at TheSocReports. Christine joined our team full-time in early 2016. She’s our resident expert on all things Snapchat and a good cook too.


David Klobucar, Chief Operating Officer

An award-winning photographer, David Klobucar understands and respects the power of visuals which have taken on increased importance as brands and individuals work to differentiate themselves and connect with others. A user is twice as likely to click on or share a social post with a picture or video; David strongly believes compelling visuals are key to an effective social strategy.

David spent most of his career at the Chicago Tribune working in a variety of roles including staff photographer and photo assignment editor. David and Carol met at the University of Missouri-Columbia, where they both majored in journalism. He is also a past instructor at Chicago’s Harrington College of Design and the Chicago Photography Center and an avid cyclist.

Interested in joining us?

Ruby on Rails Developer

Developers who can do it all, from backend architecture to html/css and javascript are especially valuable, but if you have deep expertise in specific backend areas such as scalability, ElasticSearch, and Redis, or machine learning, we would love to talk to you. Some ops experience will be expected as we all wear many hats.


Web Designer

If you want to work with a talented team in an environment that values creativity, autonomy, and design, you'll be right at home here. You'll work alongside a world-class product team, where engineers and designers work together to deliver the best user experience possible.