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Frequently asked questions

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What type of social media user benefits most from TheSocReports?

Our clients come to us from across the spectrum in terms of profession. All are comfortable using social media but are ambitious and eager for better results. The ones who get the most out of our metrics and advice have been active on Twitter, at minimum, for a year. If you’re a person who wants to move your social media effectiveness to the next level, TheSocReports can definitely help.

What should I consider when picking a plan?

That depends primarily on how many platforms you already use and how much competition you face in your daily work. The ‘Basic’ Plan is our most affordable and great for students who’d like to benchmark their social activity on a single social platform. The metrics provided can aid in job hunting or negotiating a raise.

Our most popular plan is ‘Premium’ and the best choice for personal brands who regularly post on both Twitter and Facebook. You can also select more competitors under the ‘Premium’ plan. Since the performance of your industry competitors or peers drives much of our advice, being able to monitor more people is a plus.

We also offer the ‘Elite’ Plan for those super users who choose nine competitors and also desire on-call personal coaching. ‘Elite’ subscribers get quarterly check-in calls and can reach out to us to schedule a brainstorm session.

What happens when I sign-up for a trial?

We'll start collecting data on your social activity immediately, and you should expect your first report in a week or so. After your first report, we'll schedule an onboarding call to show you around the platform and answer questions.

To allow time to try it out, you won’t be billed during the first month of receiving TheSocReports. In other words, your first month is free. If you decide during the trial that you want to cancel, please contact us and your credit card won't be charged.

Can I really cancel at any time?

Yes! Even during your first free month as a subscriber! We’re confident you’ll enjoy getting TheSocReports, but if that changes at any point, all you need to do is contact us at anytime.

Once I select a plan, can I change it?

Changing plans is not a problem, in fact we encourage it. Social media is a fast-moving space, and you should experiment with our different offerings in order to settle on the best fit for you. Also, there are times, like in advance of a contract renewal or negotiation, that you may want to see more competitive data.

What if I have questions about the weekly insights or my billing?

We take pride in TheSocReports because it is super clear and easy to understand. But if you are puzzled by anything we provide, first reach out by DM to our Twitter account @thesocreports. ‘Elite’ plan subscribers are additionally assigned a social coach who is your liaison for all questions and special requests.

Does TheSocReports work with businesses?

Yes we do! While personal brands are our specialty, TheSocReports also supports corporate clients through our parent company, KloboMedia, a social media management and strategy firm. TheSocReports can be furnished alone or bundled with other social media services. Contact Carol Fowler for more information or to schedule a demo.

When and how will I receive my data insights and tips?

You’ll get a link each week to a secure login that will allow you to confidentially access your customized edition of TheSocReports. Data insights generally cover the past week and month. You'll also have access to an archive of your data insights.

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